Frequently Asked Questions:

Member Business FAQ Brochure | PDF

Q: How many different organizations does a business donate to?
A: Depending on how a business operates, donations are made to a different charity daily or weekly.

Q: How do you determine which charity/organization to donate to each day?
A: We meet with new member businesses and determine what organizations and causes they are passionate about.  In addition, we have a list of over 200 local organizations that cover a variety of causes that we can suggest to a business owner.  We rotate  those various organizations throughout the month.

Q: Are these donations tax deductible?
A: In many cases donations are tax deductible, but it depends on the organizations. Organizations that are registered as 501c3 offer tax deductible donations.

Q: How often are the donation checks sent?
A: WAITT collects each business’ donation check at the end of each month. WAITT then sends all checks to all the charities/organizations at the same time to make a more significant impact.

Q: Where can I see each business’ “giving calendar?
A: The “giving calendars” are on our Facebook page- We’re All in This Together, on display at each of the participating businesses and on our website at