Information for Organizations


WAITT has an excellent opportunity for your organization!

Remember when someone moved to town and neighbors welcomed them with gifts?  Neighbors would also help new residents with advice on which local professional services and local establishments to consider.

WAITT continues that welcoming tradition! Last year, WAITT visited 300 new residents. We plan to double that in 2018, with the ultimate goal of welcoming every new resident.

WAITT’s Welcome Program delivers reusable tote bags – filled with promotional items and gifts from participating local businesses – to 50 new Ashland residents. We can also include YOUR information to show new residents what wonderful things are happening in your organization.

WAITT invites YOUR ORGANIZATION to participate in WAITT’s Welcome Program, to highlight what you do and to give our new residents a good old-fashioned welcome. Organizations may add items at no charge.

A WAITT team member can assist with ideas for your promotional items.  Be creative – the more fun you have putting something together, the more likely you will spark the interest of new residents who need your services or who would like to get involved with your organization. In addition to your promotional items, we recommend including a redeemable coupon that will enable you to track your success.

Another opportunity you may take advantage of would be to help deliver the welcome bags. Often new residents are home and are pleased to meet another person who loves out town!

If you would like to be part of the next round of WAITT’s Welcome Program, prepare your 100 promotional items and/or redeemable coupons, and deliver them to WAITT, Inc., at 73 Main Street (The Purple Ink Building)

Let WAITT help you get your word out!