The Family Pet Hospital LOVES WAITT!

WE LOVE WAITT! Dr Valas is a firm believer in giving back to the community that has supported her for over 18 years and WAITT is a perfect way to do that. That being said there are hundreds of organizations out there who need support so we decided that we wanted to get to know them and what they do and give them a chance to get to know us.  So we have been asking different organizations to stop in and meet us. We have a weekly team meeting and each month we ask a different organization to stop in an tell us a little about what they do. So far we have had great success with this and it is really nice to put a face with an organization.  Plus this allows us to find out ways that we can support these organizations in other ways. For example a representative from the organization Thanks to Yanks came in and gave a short 15 minute presentation. He brought in some pictures, told a few stories and gave some history on the organization.  He also told us about some upcoming events and gave us some other ways we can support them other than financially.  Because of his visit, we are now planning as a group to attend his 9/11 dinner and we will be setting up a collection box to collect items for their charity drive in November. I believe this is a great way to really engaged in the process and make our monthly donation stretch a little further.

Vicki Prince
The Family Pet Hospital