WAITT! I have a Solution!

Bombarded with requests for donations?

WAITT! I have a solution!

What if you could say yes, to every request?

What if You could schedule your donations in a systematic way? Deciding beforehand a % or a set amount you would like to allocate and to whom?

What if someone else changes the conversation for you by being the one who helps these organizations get the results they want while helping you get the results you deserve.

WAITT – We’re All In This Together!

WAITT was created to resolve these common challenges business owners have. Imagine being able to say “YES” to every organization while having a third party become your respectful marketing team?

WAITT helps you structure your giving by designing unique giving calendars, which align with your clients, concerns and culture.

WAITT handles the requests in a variety of ways suitable to your individual business.

WAITT promotes your business and creates connections with the community on your behalf.

WAITT changes the conversation!

WAITT becomes your cheerleader while becoming the organization’s assistant.

WAITT manages the process and creates your unique plan so you can get back to what you do best – Your job!